That organizations view their collaborators from a more humane perspective is an idea that gathers increasing momentum throughout today’s world.

In this general sense, the people who face retirement do not always encounter a satisfactory answer and too many times are obliged to navigate many uncertainties on their own.

The law in Chile does not require that organizations support former collaborators once they retire. However, innovative companies have the opportunity to take the lead by including amongst their recruitment benefits a programme in support of their people to make the transition to post retirement less strenuous.

At 60 Plus we offer this support for your collaborators who retire.

During our sessions we provide psychological guidance to help each person clarify their purpose in life during this new stage, from a personal, family and working activity standpoint.

Our business consulting gives guidance to each person about making the most of their ideas for a successful entrepreneurship if they want to pursue new business projects.

Image by Jed Owen
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