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The Role of Organisations

For someone who’s worked all their life as an employee, the experience of retirement may come as a jump into the unknown. As a moment from which you’re on your own, and possibly accompanied by feelings of loneliness and uncertainty.

It is likely that such feelings become more acute when such persons chose to believe all along that their monthly social security contributions (in some cases supplemented from their own free will) would allow them to maintain a reasonable standard of living and enjoy their future years without any major economic worries. However, the first year during retirement might find them landing into a much harsher reality, making it harder to cover their monthly needs.

Fortunately, there is a growing worldwide awareness about the importance of planning for this next stage in life in terms not only of financials but also the personal purpose of each individual. Can organisations be expected to adopt a more active role in the stimulation of such awareness among their collaborators?

Currently, organisations are not always compelled to intervene in this matter but with an aging population the degree of freedom awarded them until now is likely to diminish. Thus, organizations will increasingly realize the benefits of generating relevant orientation for the greater future fulfillment of their employees.

At 60 Plus we believe that companies could certainly play a more decisive role so their employees nearing the age of retirement have understood the virtue of planning and lowering their levels of uncertainty. In so doing, they will be contributing to a more meaningful existence during the latter years of their lives.

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